Pro Tips For A Successful Job Search

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4 years ago

“Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight”

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Job searching made easier

Maybe you want to land your dream job and you have no idea how to go about applying – after all, isn’t it just about sending off your resume and hoping against all odds that they pick your resume? After all, you’ve got all that it takes – or so you thought. Whether you are looking at getting promoted at your current company or ready to apply for that dream job, here are some good tips to start getting noticed at work – Later, we’ll review and revamp your resume and help you stand out in this hugely competitive market.

  • Do an outstanding job no matter what you do, every day. That will get you seen by your boss and other top leadership because of the valuable contributions that you are adding to the company
  • Volunteer your services and use your skills so that management and co-workers see what an invaluable asset you are.
  • Don’t be confrontational and try to get along with everyone: Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Help co-workers if you think they might need some assistance without expecting favors in return – do it just because you are kind and want to.
  • Become an expert in a particular area because people turn to problem solvers, from peers to upper management. Look for great opportunities where you can apply these skills, then volunteer for projects where you can show them off.
  • Continuously prove that you are the best thing that happened to your company! Not just one time. Every day when you go to work, you need to show your boss your value.
  • Always remember that your career is your responsibility. Continuously strive to improve yourself, and work to define your career aspirations and plans. Share this with your boss, asking for his or her help and support. Register for classes, seminars, conferences, etc

Making you and your resume stand out

At last you find the dream job you’ve been searching for. You want it desperately but there’s going to be plenty of competition applying for the same position. How do you make yourself stand out to recruiters and hiring managers? Here are some helpful reminders:

  1. First, how does your resume look?  It is important that your qualifications match the job you’re applying for. An appealing all-important cover letter should be next on the list. You’ll need to highlight your professional qualifications so that they match the hiring requirements. What you are offering needs to be presentable and match with the networking sites you might be on, i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook.
  2. Use your connections to boost your search – they could bolster your resume or even get you an interview. Don’t procrastinate when you see something you want – go for it!
  3. Practice your interview that might come – do you know everything about the company you want to join when they ask you questions? Are you ready with the right interview clothes so you look professional? Remember, first impressions count and you want yours to be positive!
  4. Always follow up with Thank You Emails! It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in helping you stay memorable.

Modern job searching is constantly evolving. It’s no longer the simple format of applying for the job and hoping to get a call for an interview.  It is rare to get offered a job after simply putting in an application, going to a job interview, and getting an offer. Today’s job market is a very competitive, network-driven job market. A successful woman will have used a variety of strategies in order to reach her goals. She will establish a social presence; she will target companies she wants to work at, and she will have made it easy for employers to find her online.

Look what the experts say are key tips to successful job searches today in the competitive marketplace

  • Keep your résumé short and concise: The experts say that the hiring managers and the computer algorithms they use to sift through all the resumes are rapid. That means you need your CV to be one that reads quickly and is in small bites., using key terms. Today, typical CVs are scanned in a matter of 6-10 seconds. Use just one contact email address, one phone number, and your LinkedIn profile URL, for example.
  • People consider hiring a coach so that they are up to date with video interviewing skills. As you know, many employers rely on video conferencing for long-distance screening interviews. That means lots of job seekers use coaches so that they can excel in their video interviews.
  • You may not have known this, but in the last couple of years, LinkedIn has been one of the key platforms for connecting employers with qualified candidates. When you have a sharp LinkedIn profile, it is considered by some as being even more important than having a great résumé.
  • Go beyond the usual: If you want to impress your boss, you need to differentiate yourself from others. These three things will set you apart:
    • Your attitude
    • How you treat others
    • How you act when you think no one can see you

When you’ve landed the job, here are fab ways to make and keep your good impressions at the workplace

  • Be a trailblazer – forthcoming with new ideas, originating new proposals, not being afraid to make your own tracks.
  • Keep people informed because then you save them from distractions, speculation, and rumors.
  • Be the go-to person – That really does make a big impression – a person of value.
  • Think Long-Term While everyone is worrying about today’s problems, be the one to think about the solutions for tomorrow. Be sensitive to issues and trends before they become a problem.
  • Speak with confidence, sharing what you know, letting others know you can be helpful and supportive.
  • Be an initiator because making an impact means seeing what needs to get done and taking the initiative to do it.
  • Be an active listener by paying attention to what people say. Focus on the speaker instead of thinking about how you will answer.
  • Go the extra mile and do your job with excellence.

With this positive mindset, you will be able to take on tasks with enthusiasm and pleasure – it will take you far. By taking the lead by serving others, not only will you stand out, but you will leave strong and lasting impressions behind!

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