How to Think Like an Entrepreneur (and Encourage Your Team to Do the Same)

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3 years ago

Whether you are an entrepreneur, aspire to be one, or want to act like an entrepreneur while working for someone else, there’s a lot of value to thinking like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are innovative, creative, motivated, and self-starters, all qualities that are beneficial to have no matter what your line of work. So how can we begin to think like an entrepreneur and reap the benefits without taking on the risk of starting a business?

It’s all about mindset.

The first step toward thinking like an entrepreneur is to shift your thoughts to an entrepreneurial mindset. An entrepreneurial mindset enables you to be adaptable, overcome challenges, and learn from your mistakes. It minimizes the significance of failure and rejection and focuses on continuous improvement so you can succeed.

For those working for a company or organization, thinking like an entrepreneur allows you to become an intrepreneur. An intreprenuer possesses all the qualities of an entrepreneur without owning their own business but is seen as an innovator in their field. Shifting your mindset takes intentionality every day. Here’s how you can start making that shift.

Identify your value proposition.

Everyone has a unique contribution. What’s yours? Identify your value proposition, meaning why someone would choose you for a particular job or service. Get really good at providing that value to others. By acting with purpose and intention, you’ll begin to think about how you can continuously improve your value to serve others.

Solve problems and drive solutions.

Entrepreneurs solve problems and provide solutions. They try new things and succeed, but they also try new things and fail. The key difference between them and everyone else is they get something out of every failure. They’re always learning and innovating. Thinking strategically will shift your mindset to a growth mindset.

Be determined but flexible.

The ability to adapt is a big reason why entrepreneurs are successful. They are determined to reach their goal and persistent to achieve results even when faced with setbacks. Meaning that while motivated, they also need to be open to change and grow. So be open-minded. Focus on your objective, but be receptive to feedback and change.


Many people have big ambitions. They want to start a company, get a promotion, or gain new skills to advance their careers. What sets entrepreneurs apart from everyone else is their commitment. They stick to “it”, whatever “it” is. It’s not a short-term journey; they’re in it for the long haul and work to be their best every day. Commit to your role, your organization, your idea, even when it’s hard, and that consistency will pay off.

Lead by example.

The best way to teach your team or coworkers how to adapt an entrepreneurial mindset is by showing them how. Remember the old saying actions speak louder than words? It’s true. Think about the kind of leader you needed when you were starting out in your career. Be that leader. And yes, you can be a leader in your organization even if you’re not a manager. Be adaptable, growth-oriented, and committed. Leading by example encourages others to do the same.

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