Helping women own their careers, make power moves, and navigate the Everyday Realities 


Regardless of where you are at in your career journey, there is a facet of The Everyday Real to support you.

It’s our mutually beneficial strategy that not only champions female advancement in the industry, but
actually does something about it. The Everyday Real is a beacon for females in the food and beverage industry, supporting individual careers and bringing the entire industry to a higher level. Our mission is to offer support to women, where they need it most

Meet Angela

Founder of The Everyday Real

The Everyday Real was founded by Angela Dodd, an industry professional with over 15 years of technical and commercial experience within the food and beverage industry.

Through her vast experience and extensive education. Angela has become an empowering leader and expert in the industry by connecting people, science, and business goals. Through her experience, Angela has found the opportunity to be a voice and disruptor in helping women cultivate confidence, empower their careers, and drive advancement.

She does this through personalized career coaching, resume writing, group workshops, and a cultivated community that brings professionals together across all segments of the Food and Beverage Industry.

Spotting an opportunity to accelerate careers by empowering women to lean in and position themselves for the next level up – The Everyday Real and Females in Food community was born.


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Success Stories

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Kelsey Brown


Having Angela help reconstruct my resume and help me prepare for a big interview was the best investment for my career. 

The amount of knowledge and confidence that Angela gave me in a short period of time was invaluable.  I never realized how poor my resume was until I saw what Angela could do with it.  I highly recommend Angela during your job-seeking process.

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Laura Bissonette


Angela did a fantastic job on my resume.

She went above and beyond with creating and producing an incredibly accurate and polished product in a short period of time.

I would highly recommend her!

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Pam Haupt


I would highly recommend Angela Dodd to help anyone transform their resume to target the job they are seeking. She takes a comprehensive approach to collecting data from you before ever moving into the design phase. My resume really needed an update as I am seeking to transition into a few new career areas which needed to focus on keywords and transferable skills. Angela was collaborative throughout the process to seek clarification on experiences and outcomes, and I love me new resume. The design is great, and I also learned a lot in the process.

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