Pro Tips For A Successful Job Search

By The Everyday Real 4 weeks ago “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight” Feeling like your job is at a standstill? That it just doesn’t seem to be moving in any direction? – You feel stuck, performing the same uninspiring tasks day in and day out, waiting to be challenged? Feeling your self-confidence slipping away … Read more

The Power of Women in the Food Industry

By The Everyday Real 4 weeks ago Where Do Women Stand  In The Food Industry The acceptance of women in the industry has come a long way, but not far enough. In some industries, such as the food industry, gender equality is still severely lacking.  The good news is that women can be empowered to … Read more

The Impact Of Motherhood In The Workforce

By The Everyday Real 4 weeks ago 55% of U.S. mothers with children younger than 18 at home are employed full time. The modern-day woman is still living with an age-old concept. That which is based on the belief that women belong in the kitchen and raising babies while the men are the breadwinners. Except … Read more